Social Security

Social Security on version 37.2

I've been a steady user for the past 5 years and just renewed my subscription of ESP Plus. Comparing outputs after the upgrade to 37.2 for 35.2, I seem to have lost a considerable amount of SS benefits (from 34,636 down to 33,382). I don't recall any change to SS that would account for this change. I had already rolled forward to the new year and entered in the appropriate EOY numbers for my accounts. I made no changes to the file with the exception of updating Mutual Fund returns for 2017 (VTSAX, VBTLX, VTIAX). Then I just ran it.

what are the negative numbers next to social security file dates?

I am now 60, my wife is 59. We do not plan to take social security until we are each 70. Next to my retirement file date (2/1/27) ESPlanner shows a negative number (-29) and next to hers (-32). The same negative numbers are next to our spousal file dates and widow/widowers dates on the social security report page.

How should I interpret these numbers?

I can't get the software to include my spousal benefit

My spouse is 69 and I am 67. I am currently getting spousal benefits and will get my increased benefit when I am 70. My spouse will get his benefit when he turns 70 this year. I put in my current monthly benefit and checked that I have filed for benefits but it did not include those benefits. I also left that out and told it to include the suspension, but didn't get any spousal benefits. How can I tell the software to include my spousal benefit? (I have uploaded both of our historical earnings) Thank you.

Social Security - child in care benefits

To ESPlanner programmers: I have a child in care benefits situation for a lady that is younger than any age available on your Social Security tab for accepting social security benefits. Please add that situation to your programming "to do's". Currently I am entering the annual amount as "Special Receipts". Is that the best way to enter the amount currently?

Social Security - File and Suspend

We were grandfathered under the new rules. My wife filed and suspended (until her 70th birthday) her benefits by the end of 2015. I filed for a spousal benefit upon turning 66 in May 2016. I now receive a monthly payment. I will file for my benefits on my 70th birthday. I have tried many permutations but cannot discover how to input this properly. The reports omit any spousal benefit no matter what. What should I do?

Annual Roth conversions stop when social security begins


I specified 7 annual roth conversions until I reach age 70 and I also specified that social security benefits would begin at age 66. The report correctly shows the first 3 conversions only. When I increase the social security claiming age to 70 then I get all the conversions. Is there a rule that roth conversions must end when social security begins?

Social Security WEP Calculation

We have been using ESPlanner for years trusting that it was accounting for the WEP calculation in our benefits. Our state pensions from non-covered employment are entered as "not covered" and our past covered earnings are accurate. Now as my wife is planning on taking SS in November we compared ESP's calculation of her annual benefit of $12481 against SS' calculation using the WEP Online Calculator. The online calculator comes out as $9960 annual benefit. ESP (if SS is to be believed) is not factoring in the WEP reduction. Any ideas?