MaxiFi Planner features


I’m curious about MaxiFi Planner. Unless I’m missing something, I can’t sign up on any sort of trial basis, but I don’t know if it will handle some of the things that affect my finances. There is a website page that offers a feature comparison, which makes it sound like MaxiFi does everything ESPlanner does, with a couple of exceptions, but it doesn’t offer much detail.

Here are a few of things that I depend on with ESPlanner. Can I do these with MaxiFi?

1. Enter a series of future annuity payments, specifying which are taxable and which are not.

ESPlanner versus MaxiFi


Just now seeing that there is a new software produce called MaxiFi. Will MaxiFi eventually replace ESPlanner? Or is it designed to compliment ESPlanner?

I see that MaxiFi does some things that ESPlanner does not do (e.g, maximized Social Security strategy and maximized retirement account withdrawal strategy). But ESPlanner does some things that MaxiFi does not (e.g., vacation homes and real estate, 529 plans, and Monte Carlo analysis). Are there plans to add all ESPlanner features to MaxiFi?

Can data be imported from ESPlanner into MaxiFi?

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