First Change of Home


How best to model a future move to a Continue Care Retirement Community to make sure that such a move is financially feasible? I.e. to compute current spending level assuming such a move is desirable in the future. Involves: Sale of home, payment of entrance fee, payment of monthly fee (in lieu of other spending on housing, food, etc. Also involves: satisfying financial requirements for admission (typically, some level of assets and income.

First change of home

I entered a change of first home (primary), but the reports do not reflect the result I expected. Our current home is (sadly) not appreciating so I entered a negative appreciation rate to offset the inflation rate. So the value of the current home should remain stable. I anticipate we will downsize, with the future home costing $150,000 less than our current home. I expected to see the $150,000 reflected somehow (when I divested our vacation home in ESPlanner, it showed the sale as negative spending).