Federal Income Tax

Trying to reconcile tax figures

ESPlanners tax calculation is off by a few hundred dollars and I am trying to reconcile it with my tax statement.

I received 1570.00 in taxable refunds the year before, I tried entering the 1570 into special receipts and marked its tax status as ordinary.

The 1570.00 is not showing up in the Earned income column. How do I get the 1570.00 to show up in the earned income column.

Assumptions > Taxes - What does Percentage change in taxes really mean?

Under Assumptions > Taxes:
Is the data item "Percentage change in taxes" expressed in points or pct? If my marginal rate is 35%, would a 2% value in this field take it to:
- 37% (ie - a 2-point increase) OR
- 35.7% (ie - a 2% increase)
I'm guessing the latter, but it would be nice if the explanation in the online help would clarify that.


Federal Taxes - Joint Filer --- deductions

I don't understand how this report determines "Deduct". My interest, sale & real estate taxes and donations are about 18K now and I see $15.1K as a constant value over time. I understand the real cost of interest will decrease overtime.

As a result, at least in the near term, seems my deductions are understated. Is there a way to add in some tax deductions?

There appears to be no documentation on the report in the User Manual.



Tax Free (Until Withdrawal) Investment

How do you express/input after tax funds invested in a time locked investment which is sheltered from all taxes until it's withdrawn? I currently have it "other assets" but I fear that those funds are assumed to be subject to taxation during their tenure. There are several, each with a different date of maturity and rate of return. Perhaps they ought to be entered into 'Special Receipts' as non-taxable instead?

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