current saving

Current Saving doesn't seem to add Net contributions to total correctly

Just started using ESPlanner today, so this may be a stupid question. In the Assets and Savings, Current Savings tab, The Real Asset Income is pre-populated. Mine, for example is 1800. On the line for Net Contributions to Savings, etc accounts, if I put a 2 there, I get a total at the bottom of 1802. If I put a 20 there, I get a total of 1820. If I put a 200 there, I get a total of 2000. So far, so good. If I put a a 2000 in the Net Contributions line, however, I get a total of 1802. What's going on? What am I missing?

Discretionary Spending & Savings in current year, 2016

I ran Monte Carlo simulation and for the 2016 recommendations, it has Discretionary Spending (DS)at $115,251 and Current Amount of ($111,658), which also has to have an impact on Savings. How does the program calculate the current amount for DS since I have not entered any amounts for DS for the current year? Likewise the Recommended amount of Saving is ($140,715) and Current Amount is $85,410.