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Tags: download

I recently purchased ESPlanner Plus. I downloaded it to my desktop computer. Can I also download it to my laptop?
Bill Stant

Thanks for the great improvements to ESPlanner!
I've notice what I think are two errors.

Tags: withdrawals

I understand that the program tells you how much to withdraw each year in retirement from regular and retirement accounts, but if you have a mix of stocks and bonds in a regular account, it does not tell you the relative portions of bonds vs. stocks to liquidate each year.

I'm trying to model a move, including selling my current house and using the proceeds as a balloon payment on a new house mortgage. If I put down a 20% down payment on the Change of Home panel amortized over 15 years, that will get reflected in the housing report.

Tags: mortgage

I rolled my information over to 2016 and notice that the annual mortgage payment in the housing report does not equal my monthly mortgage payment x12. It's approximately $1000 less than it should be by my calculation.

I want to enter an installment sale of real estate. I presently own the interest and will sell it in a few years. In the meantime, I receive rental income. Once I sell it, I will receive installment payment of principal and interest for seven years.

I used special expenditures to enter projected LTC expenses at EOL for each husband and wife. I entered the amount for each person so that there are two entries for each year labelled as nursing home expense. The standard tables all incorporate this amount correctly.

My wife and I are eligible for post-retirement medical benefits arising from her employment. Once we are both on Medicare (at age 65), all of our Part B and other medical insurance premiums will be covered by the (then) former employer's plan.

Since returns for regular assets and retirement accounts are set using nominal rates, does adjusting the inflation rate in a future year reduce the real returns going forward?

We have an assumed rate of return on our investment assets at 4% (inflation at 2.5%). How does the software compute our investment balances moving forward? Is it compounded annually? We re-enter our balances at the beginning of each year. Note too that Monte Carlo is turned off.

First Scenario: (Own Property 1, will sell in 2017-- no problem there). Will purchase Property 2 in 2017. For Property 2 under Current Market Value, I have $300,000. Under future mortage information: I put 100% under (I have that it will never be sold).

Is there a way to enter my data from Maximize My Social Security account
to my ESPlanner Pro program. I have an adult child on my SSA to add into
the ESP program

I've properly input all my financial data to accurately reflect my circumstances - except I cannot figure out one thing. What is the best way to model a recurring income stream from an S corporation?

when I have income from a severance package that exceed my needs

In the case study "Convert Your IRA to a Roth!", it says to withdraw $300000 from the IRA and contribute $300000 to the Roth. Wouldn't the amount contributed to the Roth be less than the withdrawal due to taxes on the withdrawal?

Tags: health care

Recently retired. What are best options to handle huge jump (500%) in health care premiums? Not eligible for Medicare for several years. Is putting them in special expenditures best?

Is there a PV calculation reported for total discretionary spending? For example, in the max social security product the report provides a PV of the social security payments for the strategy (and what-if). This is a convenient means to compare different strategies.

How does ESPlanner calculate New Jersey State Income Taxes? The amount does not equal the calculator provided by NJ.


If I am using a fee-only financial planning service, there is often a fixed percentage of assets under management fee charged by the financial planner. In ESPlanner I cannot find a way to account for such a fee, that changes each year since the value of my assets change each year. Thanks.

Both my domestic partner of 16 years and I plan to take our respective Social Security Divorcee Ex-Spousal Benefits starting this year from age 66-70 while letting our own retirement benefits grow 8% a year until age 70.

Tags: Pensions

The federal gov't pension includes a COLA (just like social security). When inputting the pension information I enter the degree of inflation index amount equal to the inflation number entered in assumptions.

Tags: report

When I create a report it provides a comment to go to "Help-Customize" to start the plan on a different date. However, the Help drop-down menu only allows for: User Manual; Support; View Release Notes; and About. I give up. I am using release 2.32.2

I am a military retiree with a 20% disability. For purposes of this question, assume that: annual military retirement is $80,000; $3,200 of the $80,000 is for disability; Federal taxes exclude disability ($80,000 - $3,200); New Jersey does not tax military retirement.

Tags: earnings, wages

From the help: "Enter wages gross of employee contributions to retirement accounts. (Enter those contributions under Retirement Accounts.) Enter wages net of (excluding) all other non-taxable employee payments, like contributions to health plans."


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