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I am not clear on what the Monte Carlo simulations are estimating when I use the Conservative Spending option. Can someone explain, perhaps by taking one simulation for one year, and indicating what assumptions are used to generate the living standard and real asset income?

When I run ESPlanner assuming conservative spending, is it correct that the Details and Suggestions section of the PDF report assume that I spend, and earn, zero real return on my investments, in each year until the last year when no assets are left?

NY residents are exempt from State Income Tax on public pensions and 403b's (teachers, civil servants, etc).
How do we remove the state income tax ESP automatically calculates (and which then impacts std of living)?

My husband has a variable annuity from his employer. The annuity screen appears to consider only fixed annuities. How can I enter this asset?

Tags: Assumptions

I am trying to calculate the most accurate assumption to use in the "Two can live as cheaply as" field, using our (my husband and my) specific budget figures.

I completed some energy efficient upgrades to my home which I am financing through a special assessment through property taxes. The increase in property taxes only lasts 20 years, but my plan goes for 30+ years. Any way to input that special tax?

Tags: monte carlo

I'm inputting my assets so that I can build portfolios based upon the assets that I own. My latest entries do not seem to be saved. Is there a limit on the number of assets? If so how can I delete the assets you pre-populated in the program.

Tags: FICA

How can I suppress the FICA tax calculations? My current income is from deferred compensation and returns on financial assets. At the time of the income deferral both FICA and Medicare Taxes were paid on the deferred amount, and I do not have to pay twice.

Seems like we used to get an email when new updates were released. 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 were recently released, but I only learned that because of a version mention in the previous forum post. Are you still sending out update email notifications?

The directions have a "link" to get the asset return data from another source but it doesn't work. So, I want to copy and paste from excel the yearly returns of new assets so I don't have to manually enter them. I can't find in the directions how to do this. Can you tell me, please?

Tags: Mutual Funds

If you have an interest in investing in DFA funds without going through a private advisor, this blog post may be of interest. It doesn't work for me, but might for you.

Tags: Roth

I understand how to model a single year IRA to Roth-IRA conversion:

Tags: monte carlo

If this has been answered, please just direct me to the answer.

Tags: monte carlo

My assets are in various TIAA-CREF accounts. Has anyone done the analysis to determine which ESP MC assets would model various TIAA-CREF accounts?


Maximize My Social Security recommends this strategy. I read your suggestion about modeling it using special receipts and expenses, but that is very clumsy.

Tags: Windows 10

I can't find any mention of your plan to support Windows 10. Is there a plan for a relevant release?

The economics based planning has me setting the assumptions for returns on my regular (taxable) and retirement account investments. My regular accounts are mainly in a Schwab broad stock index ETF plus some individual stocks; I set this category to 7.5 percent.

I have a question about modeling a retirement account. This account is held by one company, and 25% of the total is held in a fund that guarantees around 5%. The remainder is held in a stock fund that fluctuates with various factors.

Tags: saving

Hello, I deleted my savings for the first two years of $10,000/year and the .pdf report still shows those amounts as part of the spending. Any way to get the report to reset?

Tags: monte carlo

I am having great difficulty understanding the reports. The manual uses numerous terms of art without defining them. As a simple example, the term "living standard" is never defined. Why is living standard different from consumption?

Regular assets include cash, money market, mutual funds, etc. It appears that all regular assets are lumped together when implementing (selecting) a portfolio in monte carlo mode. Obviously, each of these asset classes have different rates of return. Are these classes treated differently?

Tags: assets

In arranging my portfolios (taxable, retirement) in Planner Plus, the pre-defined asset choices available do not include a full set of bond (fund) choices, such as short-term and intermediate-term corporate bonds, mid-cap domestic stocks, etc.

Tags: FICA, medicare

I have two questions:

1. My reports show small amounts of FICA taxes paid for both spouses starting at ages 72 and 71 and continuing until death. We won't have any wage income, so what does this mean?

I live in CA, which has capped the nominal increases in property taxes (with some exceptions that don't presently apply to me) at 2% per year.

Tags: monte carlo

I am in the Monte Carlo options, specifically Implement Portfolios. How do I have 2 portfolios point to my retirement account? I am only able to choose one but have 2 IRA accounts. Do I need to combine everything into one or is there a way to choose two? Thanks, Jim


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