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Help your employees make sound financial decisions

Providing tools to help your employees make sound financial decisions is an important and valuable benefit.

Traditional financial planning forces employees to set their own saving and insurance targets. This is dangerous. Small targeting mistakes can compound over the years.

Our software will help your employees find the right targets -- recommending what they should spend and save to achieve a stable living standard over time. They can use the software to see the living standard impact of their financial and lifestyle decisions.

Please consider either 1) providing a link to ESPlannerBASIC, which your employees can run for free from your company's benefits page, 2) licensing ESPlannerBASIC, so that your employees' data will be permanently saved, or 3) licensing ESPlanner or ESPlannerPLUS -- our download programs -- for your employee's free use.

To discuss licensing arrangements, please call 617 834-2148 or e-mail.

Response from Employers
"ESPlanner has added a component to our benefit plan offering that not only highlights the value of our plans, but also allows our colleagues to consider all their personal financial assets and requirements as they plan for their future economic security. We would encourage anyone who wants a highly personalized plan for their financial future to use ESPlanner as their planning tool."—Richard J. Towle, former Senior Vice President, Boston University

"We believe ESPlanner provides valuable financial planning information for faculty and staff and are very pleased to be able to offer such a benefit to Boston University employees."— Nimet Gundagon, Manager of Benefits, Boston University