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ESPlanner is being used by educators in the U.S. and abroad

ESPlannerBASIC —the free, simplified web version or our software—is ideal for teaching personal finance and the economics of saving and consumption to high school, college, MA, and even PhD students.

Click here for an example of a course on personal life-cycle economics currently being taught by Aaron Stevens at Boston University. Click here for the course slides and other materials.

ESPlanner and ESPlannerPLUS—our consumer download programs—are ideal for teachers interested in providing more detailed presentations. We offer these programs to educational institutions at a discounted price.

ESPlanner software is used by university professors teaching courses such as introductory economics, personal finance, public finance, microeconomics, and macroeconomics.

ESPlannerPRO—our professional download program—is ideal for teaching personal finance to students seeking a professional degree. We offer free one-year subscriptions to all students enrolled in financial planning degree programs.

We also offer free subscriptions to all faculty using the program to teach financial planning whether they are teaching high school students, college students, Masters students, PhD students, or students enrolled in financial planning degree programs.

If you are interested in using ESPlanner as a teaching tool or are enrolled in a financial planning degree program, e-mail Laurence Kotlikoff or call: 617 834-2148.