Does ESPlanner run on a Mac?

ESPlanner does not run natively on a Macintosh. You can still run it, but you have to run Windows using a PC emulator, install ESPlanner on the emulated PC, then run ESPlanner inside your "PC". Depending upon the version of Mac operating system you own, we have tested ESPlanner using these different emulators:

Do I need a copy of Windows to run VMware Fusion?
VMware Fusion requires the installation of an operating system in order to function. The operating system is not included with the purchase of VMware Fusion. You can either migrate an existing copy of Windows from your old PC or install a new one. In order to run a Windows virtual machine, you must have a licensed copy of that Windows operating system or purchase a new Windows license.

These work well although we recommend Duo Core (or better) for best performance. We have not tested on older Mac (non-Intel) hardware. But, if you can run one of these emulators, it should work fine.

Intel CPU Mac owners have an additional option, installing BootCamp and booting your Macintosh as a Windows machine. At least one ESPlanner customer has used BootCamp and reported success installing and using ESPlanner, so we believe that BootCamp will work.

On Linux systems we have tested VMWare's Workstation, installing Windows and ESPlanner successfully. We have not tested any other Linux based PC emulator but anything that allows you to boot Windows should work.

Economic Security Planning does not offer support for the installation of your emulator of choice nor do we offer support for installing Windows on the emulator but once you get to the point of installing and running ESPlanner on your emulator (or your dual booted Mac) we do provide support.

Saving files on shared drives with the Mac doesn't work when using the PDF report writer. Save report files and place your database on the emulated file system. You can set the report output directory in Help->Customize.

Check the output directory when using emulation. Help->Customize
\\.psf\Home\Documents\My ESPlanner
c:\Documents\My ESPlanner

The above is an example. Your directory may be different, depending on your version of Windows